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The Nacker bs,vc
The Stellar gt, vc
Lo Sciamano dr, vc
Roberto Colella bs, vc
Lev Sergeivitch Termen radio-syntheremin-fx vc
E.X.P. formed in 1997. The band released studio material which, in the years between 2000 and 2003, received considerable critical acclaim on the heavy psych scene throughout Europe, USA and Latin America. After a two year break, the group reformed and, in March 2006, released a new single and video. At present they are completing the recording of their latest material which, by October 2006, will be an integral part of the group's live performances. The sound of the band is characterised by raw compositions, the typically r'n'r explosive potential of which is taken to an extreme before being blasted apart by heavy doses of electricity (fuzzzzz!) and analogical electronics (synthesisers, theremin, etc.). The sound wall produced by the incredible volume of the amplifiers and the impact of Luca Tanzini's video work which pulsates behind the band during performances, make the concerts by E.X.P. a truly on the edge experience for all those who still believe that r'n'r is simply a question of stereotypes.